Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wonder Girls - Just 5 Korean girls in the U.S.

I always admired Far Eastern pop music and kept an eye open to new talents and new stuff in the industry. Korea music labels, specifically, shocked me for their talent into chasing up innovative artsists. K-Pop sonorities are just as good as (and sometimes even better) American or European ones. And K-singers decided to enlarge their typical spectrum of markets like South Korea itself, China, Japan and Philippine and test the limelight of America.

Wonder Girls is a good example. A 5 members girl band who started their career as teenager idols in their home country but soon turned themselves into huge international pop-stars. After releasing two albums for the Korean market - 2007 The Wonder Years and 2011 Wonder World - these 5 Seoul girls are getting ready to release their US debut album, anticipated by single Like Money which shows a very precious collaboration: Mr. Akon ladies and gentlemen.

Eastern sapience was admirably applied for the WG career: taste the ground before entering it. And indeed this 2012 release is not a product of JY (Jin-Yung Park, manager of WG and owner of JYP Entertainment music label) sick mind who got up one day and decided to face this huge challenge. In 2009 in fact WG release an English version of their single Nobody and tested their power into the US industry, releasing the track also in North America. The result was verygood. The single hit the prestigious Billboard HOT 100 chart, first time for a Korean artist. And I bet they are going to repeat this success with this new album, with a still TBA title. Good luck Yubin, Yenny, Lim, Sun and SoHee! Enjoy Like Money!