Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rihanna - Diamonds

Big news Rihanna's lovers. As she is starting to focus on her seventh studio album, Mrs. RiRi released her last single Diamonds produced by 24 yo Benny Blanco and Stargate. Lyrics and melody were written by Australian singer Sia, who made her "debut" in the commercial world music featuring Mr. David Guetta in Titatnium.

Musically speaking, Diamonds is a very big change for Rihanna whole style. Don't expect a huge dance hit like We Found Love, nor her typical R&B track like Umbrella, nor an acoustic song like California Kingsize Bed

This track is indeed a midtempo song, who actually fits well with RiRi's voice. Basically the song doesn't present any particular rhythm change, but the minimal and well designed chorus and the repeated lyric shine bright like a diamond immediately give to the listener a huge hypnotic suggestion. I actually can't get this damn song out of my brain. 

Congrats Mrs. Rihanna, you definetely know how to produce Top 40 hits. I just hope that the album will be more concrete and with a common theme, and not just a simple collection of singles. Impress us! Enjoy Diamonds.