Friday, September 28, 2012

Ke$ha - Die Young

No no this time Ke$ha didn't wake up and felt like P. Diddy, but I bet she's definetely keep brushing her teeth with her old friend Jack Daniels. Our beloved best party animal ever made knows how to party, and really kicks ass in her brand new single Die Young, anticipating her next studio album Warrior.

If it's true that the first single released is the best example of the whole album mood, I really think that Warrior is gonna be THE 2012 dance pop phaenomenon. So don't expect big evolution or style changes. And I am glad about it. Because I personally love Ke$ha as our Mother Dance Animal, nothing more, nothing less.

As artist, she's always been polarizing: many reviews are arguing at her, complaining about no big changes in her new album. But hate her or love her, Die Young, and hopefully Warrior too, are gonna be huge Top 40 hits. As the track starts with a repeated guitar riff, and turns into high beats and synths, Ke$ha order us to get the most of the night like we're gonna die young. And you can bet we will! I just can't stop shaking my head like a freak when I listen to this track.

Musically K$ didn't make any progress in singing with basically her talk-rapped trademarl. Whatever. We love Ke$ha just the way she is cause she knows that We R Who We R. Enjoy Die Young.