Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ciara - Sorry review

Hopefully good news for R&B princess Ciara lovers. The 26 yo Texas singer is back in the scene with her brand new album entitled One Woman Army. A little curiosity around this EP release: during her official MTV press conference in May, Ciara announced that the lead single of O.W.A. would have been Sweat, a hard low chimes and percussion track featuring the ever-present 2 Chainz. But one week before the official track release on iTunes, Epic Records (managed by X Factor judge L.A. Reid and new Ciara's label) turned the tables stating that the lead single of O.W.A. would actually be Sorry.

Hmm sounds quite strange, don't you think? I think the reason of this last minute change is basically a commercial one. Sweat is a track so damn similar to Ciara's past Basic Instinct EP sonorities which didn't bring much success to lady C. Maybe L.A. Reid is trying to build a more sensitive image around this little brat.

Indeed Sorry is a ballad, which should show CiCi's cute and romantic side, far from the hard and crunk image of CiCi we used to see.  The track is definetely listenable and I bet will get a good radio success, but I have to admit is not new at all. So damn similar to countless R&B balladries like D.C. Emotions, PCD Stickwitu or Alicia Keys' Fallin. Kinda frustrating for a multitalented girl like princess Ciara.

Definetely hope that Mr. L.A. Reid will definetely shake CiCi's stalled career and bring her back at the times of Like a Boy. But for now enjoy romantic Ciara in Sorry.

Ciara - Sorry[] - Ciara - Sorry[]

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