Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mutya Buena - A wasted talent

I grew up with MTV, I definetely can't deny it. And I grew up watching some singers/band hitting the lists and some (most of the time higher talented) falling apart into the darkest basements of music industry. It was in 2001, while watching a MTV show (don't remember if it was Europe Top 20) that some notes catched my attention. The track was Overload by unknown (for that time) girl band Sugababes. An english-multiethnic trio made of talented ladies Siobhan, Keisha and Mutya who definetely hit the streets.

I appreciated those three girls quite immediately simply because it was a unique pop sound for the beginning of 2000's basically characterized by flat and poor pop music (i.e. Britney, *NSYNC, Christina,...). 

Sugababes had such a huge success from 2001 'til 2005 mainly thanks to Mutya Buena who took the leadership of the band after former member Siobhan Donaghy left the group. And it was in 2005 that Mutya decided to also leave the band and to start her solo career.

Real Girl was the result of Mutya's solo struggle. I definetely can't say it was the greatest album of all times, but the 26 yo english-filipino lady demonstrated quite a high versatility, both in voice and in style. If you had  the chance to listen to this album, you'd seeit's not pop neither R&B. It's more similar to a revisited soul EP. Indeed Mutya's contralto voice defintely fits with this music style. Some tracks like Just a Little Bit, B-Boy-Baby (featuring Mrs. Amy Winehouse's deep contralto) or Real Girl (which features a Lenny Kravitz It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over sample) are a good example of the huge potential that this girl has.

But such a huge talent has been quite wasted. Why? I think the reason is because Sugababes changed 7 recording labels in almost 6 years and no one really had the time to appreciate the potential of each Sugababes member, including Mutya. Such a shame. But now the original formation of Sugababes is back, with new band name MKS. Wish you all the best. Now enjoy Just a Little Bit.