Monday, September 17, 2012

The Muse - Madness

Ladies and gentlemen time to focus on one of the most innovative alternative group in the whole world music panorama. Of curse I am talking about Matt Bellamy and friends. As written in one of my previous post, The Muse are going to release on October the 1st their 6th studio album called The 2nd law, anticipated by the leading single Survival.

I have to admit I am so damn curious about this project.  After releasing Survival, as one of the official tracks of London Olympics, it's the turn of their last single Madness. Gorgeous.

Matt Bellamy wasn't kididng at all when saying on NME interview that the British band was deeply influenced by DJ electro-dubstep addicted Skrillex. In the interview he admits that "this kind of music, dubstep is capturing the imagination". Et voilĂ . Madness, second single released, is the result.

The tracks starts with a digitally distorted voice gong on with a programmed repeated beat. Musically don't expect many harmonies variation during the 4:42 running time. But it ceratinly doesn't mean the song isn't unique. Indeed a crescendo chorus, in perfect Queen-look-alike operatic style, leads the way to a guitar assolo with echoes of Brian May (who would have thought?) with a continuous brain-shaking tune.

Definetely a good song, no doubt about it. But very far from the typical Muse sonorities, who set themselves as one of the biggest rock band ever. Definetely more dancy than rocky. Enjoy MA-MA-MA-MA-MA-MADNESS.