Saturday, September 15, 2012

Melanie Amaro - Respect

X Factor US 2012 has started featuring judges L.A Reid, Demi Lovato, Mr Simon "the cruel" Cowell and the reborn bitc...ehm pop princess Britney. I really don't know what to expect from this edition. Will the focus of the competition be on music, or will Britney's leaps be the centre of the scene? So lame :( Hoping that the show won't turn into a massive mediatic flop, I found out a little bit more about X Factor US 2011 winner: Melanie Amaro.

Melanie (Mel for friends) was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida about 20 years ago. She gots British Virgin Islands roots and that's exactly where she spent the major part of her life with her grandmother since her parents felt they couldn't offer her a decent life. No problem about it! With her victory, Mel gained a 5 Mio dollar contract with Epic Records label, enough for her to settle down her whole family I'd say.

Beyond the contract, Mel also won the right to shoot the Super Bowl Pepsi commercial, featuring his majesty Elton John in high heels (TOP!). See the clip below.

I think this video is crazy! A Medieval court where king Elton sadically decides whether or not to give Pepsi for his people. Until our heroine arrives and kicks some butts with a very good techno-electro version of Aretha's Respect. And dudes...what a voice! I think it comes quite natural to compare Melanie's voice with Lady Soul Franklin (quite a fluttering compliment Mrs. Amaro, isn't it?!). The track is good too...kinda reminds me of Chris Brown's Beautiful People with a little Benny Benassi vein. A nice club track with '90s sonorities that I am sure will get some attention around it. I think you won't dare to mis-respect Mrs. Amaro after this performance...Pepsi for all!