Friday, September 14, 2012

No Doubt - Push and Shove

Here we are, after quite a bit. Vacation has inspired more than ever to go on with this blog...let's say that I had quite a blogger's block :) Greece refreshed my schizo mind! And what better way to return on the scene if not with the new Push and Shove No Doubt single? 

I got only one word to describe this amazing track that debuted last August 29th on Ryan Seacrest's radio show as world premiere: innovative. I am so excited for September the 25th to come, date of new ND's new album release. I think they raised our expectations to a very high level; I just hope for them to confirm the high pressure that the industry and the whole international music panorama is putting upon them.

Let's go now into the track. Push and Shove, produced by  massive L.A. dj Diplo, has been defined by Tony Kanal as ND's "Bohemian Rhapsody". And me, as a huge ND fan, I can't but agree with him. I think this track represents the perfect synthesis of almost 30 years of Gwen & Co career. You want ska? You find it. You want dancehall sonorities? You'll find them too. You look for a new Gwen? You'll find her rapping and stopping all of a sudden with her voice soaring into a stompy electro-dubstep chorus.

I just think this song is amazing for two reasons. 1) It's kinda hard and dangerous too mixing ska and raggae roots in a more pop-dance territory and 2) innovating something that is considered as steadily consolidated by the mass requires a lot of patience and dedition and, believe, they sure will smash it!

Enjoy Push and Shove. Peace.