Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dawn Richard - Goldenheart

Musiggerists get prepared for this 2013 because it will give us so many impressive come-backs but also some unexpected music pearls. One of this pearl is signed by Mrs. Dawn Richard.

This name isn't of course new to R&B geeks like me, but very few know about this 29 yo music mermaid. Richard made her debut in the scene thanks to MTV's Making the Band show. She won the competition and debuted as former member of R&B meteora girl band Danity Kane. But despite DK's flop, Richard's faith was written in the stars. I mean real stars. Yes because Dawnie got a huge break by impressing your majesty king P.Diddy who actually noticed the girl and recruited her for his Diddy-Dirty Money domain.

After cruising the R&B and hip hop field, DR decided to re-born from her ashes. Goldenheart is the result. A stunning indie record which I have to admit is totally unexpected to me, basically because I thought "oh ok, another Beyonce copycat failure". And I was totally wrong. Goldenheart contains 16 tracks of pure innovative progressive R&B wisely filled with electronic sonorities. Kinda reminds me of Ellie Goulding's Halcyon.

But Richard take distances from dubsteb even though she maintains eerie sonorities like in Pretty Wicked Things or purely addictive Northern Lights. 86 will be the anticipating single of Goldenheart which has nothing to envy to the most emotional Sade track. Return of a Queen is equipped with etno sonorities which will definetely make this track a stunning hit. But like every good child, Richard still tributes her talent to the R&B world with her own imprint: see Tug of War or Frequency.

Want a preview of Goldenheart? HERE you can find all the 16 tracks. Enjoy this golden record.