Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sean Paul - The "Temperature" king

Fever. When you kiss me. Fever when you hold me down. That's what Little Willie John sang in the 50's. And he was damn right. From a different perspective for sure, fever knocks you down, and definetely not like Keri Hilson does! Beyond the obvious fact that I'm sick and with a temperature (what the hell is wrong with me?! getting sick in summer?! oh c'mon please!) I wanted to write something before going to bed and get some sleep.

I want to review to you guys a basically average song: average in the lyrics, average in the # of copies sold...but with a damn booty-shaking rhythm! If it wasn't for this damned fever you could have found me dancing this track like a maniac somewhere near the beach.
I am talking 'bout Temperature (exactly) by the king of Jamaican dancehall and raggamuffin: Mr. Sean Paul.

I'd say that SP can be described as an archeotype of Nicki Minaj. Because just like the lil old Nicki, he collaborated with almost every (especially female) singer on the planet, with good market results. Just to quote few of them: Baby Boy with Mrs. Beyoncè Knowles, Rear View Mirror with lady Mya or Break it off with Caribbean R&B first lady Rihanna.

I quoted Baby Boy because I think that basically the structure of these two track is the same. Especially the chorus hook. But never mind. Getting "inspired" by collaboration is a common habit in the current international music industry scenario. Especially at those hugely high levels. An entertaining and pushing bass goes right through the booty veins of the listener and he just can't help it, but to shake it like a Pom Pom (hail to Missy the Misdeameanor Elliot). The right song to the get down on the dance floor. I just got a problem with SP. I can't understand a s*** of what he says.
Let your booty shake now! Enjoy!