Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rita Ora - Radioactive

Pay attention Mrs Rihanna, young Albanian-British 22 y.o. pop diva Rita Ora has definetely made her debut among the highest music icons. Copycat or not, I definetly think she got what it takes to smash it. 

After the release of nice hits like How We Do (Party), R.I.P. feat London thug Tinie Tempah and Shine Ya Light, please welcome the next Euro Top 20 hit: Radioactive. Moreover her self titled album Ora has debuted at #1 in the UK chart. 

In the track mrs. Ora is on FIYAH. Radioactive simply shines with anthemic hooks and definetely infectious melodies which reminds me of 90s Euro dance hits. 

Bet it this track will set on fire many dancefloors, thanks also to the wise collaboration of Australian dance queen Sia (remember David Guetta's Titanium?). But most of all thanks to her mentor: Mr. Jay Z. The hip hop hugest star alive claimed Rita to be indeed his #1 protégé. With a such a music pimp, Rita can nothing but be radioactive.