Friday, August 10, 2012

Placebo - New album coming

Music lovers, I just read this news on and had to share it with you. Placebo are coming back with new stuff in 2013! I have to admit that I don't like alternative rock/neo-glam bands, but since the times of Sleeping With Ghosts I thought that they had something more than the other average alternative rock bands. It must be the iconic sadness which fills every Brian Molko's song.

By the way, on the Billboard interview, bassist Stefan Oldsal admitted that even if the 3 guys are still recovering from the 2 years Battle for the sun tour, they are starting to write new material for their forthcoming 7th album (wow!). 

Still no info about the sounds of their upcoming effort, since they still need some rest Oldsal said. the interview Oldsal passed up a little clue by saying: "I suppose once we came off the road it was kind of hard to plug in a distorted guitar again, because we'd done that every night for the best part of two years. When we came back home it was nice to hear nice, clean, acoustic sounds, so maybe we'll still feel that way when we start to record the album".

So will it be acoustic? Damn...I just can't imagine a whole acoustic Placebo album. Brian's voice needs electric background! Don't you agree with me? For the moment I leave you a little gift...the best Placebo song, my rate. Enjoy your Pure Morning!