Saturday, August 4, 2012

Little Mix - Wings

Little Mix. For those who don't know this fresh pop group, they are the winners of UK X Factor 8th edition. Originally presented as 4 solo singers (and obviously failed) they had their second mirac...ehm chance when judge Tulisa of hip hop crew N-Dubz had the (brilliant) idea to put the four girls together. And I have to admit it...she was right. The result is quuite good my rate.

As music industry orders, they immediately released their first single Cannonbal, cover of the original Damien Rice's track, after the mediatic victory. But then no news from the band Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Wings, first original single from LM girls!

This track has definetely what it takes to become a huge success. Why? Simply because it has all the elements that a pop song requires to become singable and danceable: starting horns, heavy drums over a cool dubstep beat, handclaps and an ending march band (Hollaback girl style). Trite lyrics about being proud of yourself, but it's really what it takes to create the perfect recipe to take a spot in the industry.

Wish you all the best LM. God only knows if you will be the next Spices!