Wednesday, July 18, 2012

No Doubt - The Return

First music post is, of course, dedicated to my favourite band ever: No Doubt. Gwen and friends are back after 11 years of (almost) total silence. It's been quite a while since the 4 Anaheim guys released their last hit: It's My Life, 1984 Talk Talk cover. Missed so hard those times! 
By the way all doubts and uncertainities about ND's come back were all false. "Settle Down" is a good example of a "tough and rough" come back!
Track starts with a sophisticated violin intro with a touch of arabic-baroque sonorities, that set the listener to the mood of the whole piece. Then drums and catchy lyrics ("Get in line and settle down") leave the scene to reggae and dance hall sonorities (remember "Underneath it all"?). Melodic rock notes on the pre-chorus (love Tom Dumont's guitar here) vanish into the arabic-caribbean chorus in which Gwen command us to "Get in line and settle down".
Great come back my side. Just can't wait for the 25th of September for the new album, Push and Shove, release.
ND rock! Just for info, Settle Down is @ #5 on iTunes US Charts after 1 day!
Enjoy it!