Friday, July 20, 2012

Ellie Goulding - Lights

Somehow mainstream is paradoxal. You publish your EP in 2010, you get famous in 2012. In the meantime you could have died and no one else cared. I am talking about Ellie Goulding, sweet 26yo british talented Polydor singer and songwriter, currently @ #5 on Billboard's top 100.
I discovered the poptronic Ellie by browsing on YouTube some Bat For Lashes music quite a while ago. Similar sounds yes (also reminds me a lil' bit of Dido), but I think Goulding has something very unique. Should it be her scratchy breath-less voice when touching high notes? Maybe. I think is a matter of style. So I decided to get back at her roots. And found out this little precious surprise: Lights. A pop-electro-base EP produced by DJ Starsmith and Frankmusik among the others.The result is good. Maybe a little bit too mono-chords (sorry but I love heterogeneity).

1. Guns and Horses 3:35
2. Starry Eyed 2:57
3. This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) 3:54
4. Under the Sheets 3:45
5. The Writer 4:05
6. Every Time You Go 3:25
7. Wish I Stayed 3:40
8. Your Biggest Mistake 3:25
9. I’ll Hold My Breath 3:44
10. Salt Skin 4:15

11. Lights 3:31

Homonymous single "Lights" is a good example of catchy song with brain: keys with a repeated drum+bass repetitive pattern, broken up here and there by light violin at mid track, freshen the whole track. "Starry Eyed" left me suspicious: at first I thought "well...another junk track to put in the trash can". But listening at it twice I appreciated the effect of over layering vocals. I would say only but good thing in this track. Shuffling, I ended up on "Guns and Horses" and...wait a minute: no synth? is that a '60s style acoustic guitar riff?.Yes! Appreciate the combination between old and modern chorus waves: worthy listening. However the EP contains also some (very) conceptually basic tracks:"This Love", "I'll Hold My Breath" and "Everytime You Go" left me a bit disappointed. However Goulding recuperates confidence with '80s sonorities in "Under The Sheets" (love the heavy drums) and "Your Biggest Mistake": key & drums, drums & key for a nice rhytmic track (though could have been more mature), just like "Wish I Stayed". With "The Writer", EG leaves her femtronic aura and open the doors to a good ballad but I'd say a little bit too basic even though pretty natural. And what about the dark and gothic-like sonorities for "Salt Skin" track? Still don't get this track.

Net: nice effort, but maybe deserved a bit more details' care. Too many things, mostly disconnected. But I trust this girl. 3* OUT OF 5*.  
Go Ellie, GO! Will the "Lights" inspire you.